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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Nov 23, 2007 10:28am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: best concerts ***** non-Dead

yeah, The Message had been played a few times on KALX - the UC Berkeley station, we picked it up in Oakland in '82, '83...

so, it was hardly well known in early '83 or then abouts.

I remember my girlfriend walking around in front of the stage, I mean there was ample room, no one was standing in front of the stage just about...

she was nipping off a bottle of vodka she smuggled in, no hassle.

Her girlfiend came with us, she was the designated driver - it was a wild night...

we got home and my girlfriend was so ratcheted up I can't even mention the things that went on 'til dawn!

that's her in the pic on the right in a brief moment of clarity, on the left I'm with an old friend with the wide face who sad to say drank himself to death 7 years ago...

his liver literally exploded, he was found in the bathroom of Mervyn's dept. store with a fifth of vodka in his lifeless hands, clutching the bottle so tightly all attempts to remove it were unsuccessful and he was put to rest still holding onto the Wolfschmidt.

ok, that last part is embellishment, but the Mervyn's men's room was indeed the scene of Dean's last sip from a 5th of rotgut vodka.

Too bad. We saw more than a few Dead shows together or were at the same shows over the years.

2nd attachment is Dean, shoving me while videotaping the event. at the Purple Onion on a tear, just months before his departure as it were.

That night he jumped up on stage uninvited and started singing with Sky Saxon (The Seeds), which I captured on video, only thing wrong really is that Dean started singing an entirely different song than Sky...

The band finished thier song and Dean kept on singing Soul Kitchen by The Doors, a very touching scene in a way.

so that's my mini-tribute to "that guy" as he was called by many people who saw Dean's face at concerts from 1969-2000.

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